Weekly Office 365 for Education Tip #7

My last blog post I talked about the Interface article where it was announced that NZ high school Napier Girls High School was amongst one of the first to adopt Office365 for Education.

Within this same article, Microsoft NZ Education Lead Evan Blackman also provides six reasons for schools to choose O365.
I thought this would be a great tip for those of you thinking to adopt Office365 also:

  1. It Prepares Students for the Future: The suite gives them the tools to be more effective studying and entering the workforce. Why focus on tools they are not going to use again?
  2. Security and Protection of Student Online Identity – Do schools know what will happen when someone indexes online content with sender identity?
  3. Tools that Students and Teachers can use are Proper Tools – Theres no risk that documents will be degraded or lose formats.
  4. It's not just about Document Collaboration – This selection of tools offers a wide range of solutions, including Instant Messenger, chat and video conferencing with Lync Online.
  5. Schools don’t want an Ultimatum – It shouldn’t be only about being in the cloud. Users can sync documents on and offline with Sharepoint
  6. Whats the Support Structure? Micorosft provides a 24/7 service, with someone local to talk to and a local 0800 number. Plus there are people on the ground to chat to also.


Do you have an Office365 for Education tip you would like to share? Comment on the blog or send me an email at t-kelbe@microsoft.com

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