21st Century Learning Enquiry

Parliament’s Education and Science Select Committee have launched an enquiry about education needs for the country’s future. The intention of the enquiry is to investigate and provide recommendations on the best structures, tools and communities that could better enable students and educators to attain the knowledge and skills, such as digital literacy, that the 21st Century demands of us.

Nikki Kaye MP says, “Through the enquiry there is an opportunity to hear from stakeholders across both the education and technology sectors about how we ensure that New Zealand children can become even more digitally literate.”

Microsoft has invested in communities and technology to support learning over many years, as we see it as a critical component of a smart, connected and competitive New Zealand. Recently the Committee took the time to hear from Anthony Salcito (Vice-President, Education) while he was in New Zealand.

Microsoft’s education investments are guided by research on the needs of teachers and learners. Through this, we have found that one of the most important contributions we can offer is to support teachers in sharing their work among themselves, to nurture innovations that were incubated in individual classrooms and bring them to the world. Partners in Learning for example is about teachers helping one another, and it’s free to join.

For more on Microsoft New Zealand's contribution to New Zealand education see the link below.


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