Innovative Schools Workshop Receives Overwhelming Interest

We have received an incredible amount of interest in our Innovative Schools Workshop held this week at Botany Down Secondary College, with more than 100 educators gathering to discuss, debate and collaborate on the best ways to utilise information communication technologies (ICT) within the classroom.

The event facilitates two days helping school principals and senior leadership teams to build a strategic plan for effective ICT use within schools. This ICT plan will enable the schools to foster innovation amongst staff and students and accelerate better learning outcomes in schools. The workshop is free to all primary and secondary school educators and provides them with tangible ideas to kick start ICT use.

If you have missed out on registering to attend this event we hope to be holding another in March 2013 and from then on every six months.

If you are interested in attending a future Innovative Schools Workshop you are welcome to send me an email and we will keep you updated!


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