Bring Your Own Device To School Whitepaper

Bruce Dixon, from the Anytime, Anywhere Learning Foundation and Sean Tierney, from the worldwide Microsoft Partners in Learning Programme are both passionate advocates of 1:1 learning programmes and have recently come together to publish their first 'Bring Your Own Device for schools' whitepaper.

The overall aim of the paper is to examine the potential deployment models from teaching, learning and IT management perspectives. It sets out to investigate the myths of BYOD and understand which questions should be addressed when considering allowing students to bring their own devices, and which option might be best suited to a school or system’s culture.

One particularly valuable aspect of the article is its emphasis on 1-to-1 learning. Rather than teachers controlling the process and knowledge, students have become empowered learners and active proponents of their understanding and ability to connect ideas in new ways. The paper also considers the rapidly evolving technology which has also influenced the nature of 1-to-1 learning programs. The Internet has become richer and more accessible, opening new ways to collaborate, communicate and connect to ideas and people.

The article also goes into detail about the five potential models of BYOD and looks at the advantages and considerations of each.

You can download the BYOD for schools whitepaper here.

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    Here is a link to another complimentary whitepaper that talks about managing mobility in education:…/register_service_m.php

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