Thanks for joining Anthony Salcito and the Microsoft NZ Education team last week!

Last week we had Microsoft’s worldwide education leader, Anthony Salcito, visit us here in New Zealand.

The event took place on Thursday at the University of Auckland and it was great having so many New Zealand leaders in education attend. Anthony spoke about the global trends impacting education and the responses he has seen in other countries. He also touched on the research programmes on 21st century learning which Microsoft is supporting and how these are informing Microsoft's strategy to deliver real impact for education and accelerating the growth potential of evey student, educator and school. Both of the sessions were recorded so we will have these available for you next week!

Anthony shared some great insight into the various programmes Microsoft offers to all teachers and school leaders to help them improve their personal teaching practises using technology. Sign up to some of these great programmes today!

Microsoft Partners in Learning: Connects you with a global community of innovative school leaders and gives you access to extensive resources for envisioning change and growing learning opportunities with technology

Learning Suite by Microsoft: A set of innovative applications for education that create a robust, creative and collaborative learning environment for students and educators. It includes a new, integrated interface that lets you access all these applications in one place, where they are grouped around four categories aligned to how you work

'Office 365 for Education: Delivers the power of cloud productivity to educational institutions, helping to save time and money while increasing student and faculty productivity

..and don't forget to have a look at Anthony Salcito's daily edventures blog.


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