A day in the life of a teacher with Office 365 for education


A desire that many school IT administrators, senior leadership, teachers and students have when working with technology that surrounds them in the classroom, at home or in a mobile situation is to know that the technology provider understands the users typical daily work requirements. We have previously showcased some of the fundamental reasons why the Microsoft Office 365 cloud service is built on a robust technology platform that doesn't sacrifice quality just because users are using the power of online services.

The following WhyMicrosoft post shows an infographic that continues to support this statement by highlighting how Office 365 enables and enhances the daily tasks for a teacher compared to the numerous shortfalls Google Apps has when searching for the same capability.See what a teacher’s experience is like using Office 365 versus using Google Apps especially when preparing their curricula, teaching students, reviewing students work, creating an accessible/safe environment, preparing student for the workforce and developing themselves as a teaching professional.


Teachers using Office 365 are empowered, productive anywhere, and use the latest tools. Using Office 365, teachers can develop lesson plans offline to post on a class website. They can create and share a digital notebook to pass onto their students as a study guide, and they can record lessons in class or elsewhere. -- None of these capabilities are available or supported with Google Apps for education. Next, teachers share recorded lessons on their class site and also with other educators, reaching and inspiring more students in new ways. Competition for jobs among young people is particularly strong, yet teachers using Office 365 foster skills that students will use in the workplace, such as using Word and Excel, and collaborating on group projects with the latest messaging tools.

With Microsoft Office 365 for education teachers spend more time doing what they care about most – teaching, because Microsoft’s reliable tools help educators work together, prepare for class, and support students’ learning.


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