DeforestACTION Live Event March 2012

On March 28th, join us for an exciting DeforestACTION live event! We will take you deep into the heart the Borneo jungle to connect with orangutans, hear from Dr. Willie Smits and the Eco Warriors about the work they are doing with the Masarang Foundation, and speak with other youth and schools around the world taking action to stop deforestation.

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DeforestACTION is a global movement of youth and schools taking action to stop deforestation and create a permanent habitat for orangutans and other species that depend on forest ecosystems. The program connects youth, students and educators in collaborative learning and action through the use of online educational resources and is currently focused on the forests of Indonesia, where widespread illegal deforestation has made the country the number three emitter of greenhouse gas emissions in the world.

Support DeforestACTION and help empower youth around the world to understand and act on one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. Visit to sign up!



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  1. Anon says:

    If you'd like to see first hand what impact this is making and how students are getting involved. Check out…/DeforestACTION for some great video examples from around the world.

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