How to determine Paged and Nonpaged pool limits

This is yet another article on how to determine Paged and Nonpaged pool limits. This method does not require internet access on the computer that we want to analyse.

I recently had a customer that experienced pool exhaustion on a failover cluster and this method helped to understand the effects of various changes (e.g. /3GB, PAE, more/less RAM) on the pool limits.


  1. Download Process Explorer.

  2. Create a folder e.g. <driveletter:>\symbols.

  3. Download the applicable symbols e.g. Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 2 x86 retail symbols, all languages.

  4. Install the Symbols MSI or extract the files, depending on the installation source.
    (Can be done on a non-prod computer)

  5. Copy the symbols to <driveletter:>\symbols.

  6. Run ‘procexp’.

  7. Select Options > Configure Symbols.

  8. Type <driveletter:>\symbols in Symbols Path.

  9. Select View > System Information.

  10. Note the values for Paged, Paged Limit and Nonpaged, Nonpaged Limit.

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