TechNet Wiki – Denali CTP3 Samples

The SQLServer Samples Readme TechNet Wiki is the portal for Denali CTP 3 samples.

It ties it all together and provides step-by-step installation instructions and links to related resources.  All downloads include redirects to this readme wiki. We will keep the wiki up to date with the latest information. Please tweet this link.


Microsoft Download Center

Download on Image Files for HelloWorldPicnic Tabular Model Sample has 50+  images, especially created  for tabular models in support of Project Crescent reports.

Download on GettingStarted with Project “Crescent” and PowerPivot for Excel in SQL Server Code-Named “Denali” Community Technology Preview 3 (CTP3) page has Getting Started With Crescent and Tabular Model Reporting Properties PowerPoint slide shows and a HelloWorldPicnic PowerPivot workbook and Project Crescent report.


CodePlex Adventure Works for SQL Server Denali CTP3 has five downloads:

AdventureWorks2008R2 – CTP3 version of the OLTP database (no schema or data changes)

AdventureWorksDWDenali —CTP3 version of the data warehouse (new fact table with product inventory data and date data added to support Analysis Services scenarios)

SSAS Multidimensional Model Projects—new Adventure Works tabular model and updated multidimensional projects for the Analysis Services tutorial (customers like this a lot)

SSAS Tabular Model Projects—tabular models,

PowerPivot workbook,  and related Project Crescent reports

SSAS AMO2Tabular—programming sample that shows how to create a tabular model using AMO


The Microsoft SQL Server Community Projects & Samples page is also updated to reflect the  Denali CTP3 release.


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  1. The Wiki is great for Readmes because you can get comments and collaborative edits.

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