Windows 8 Released

Today, a news bulletin has been release announcing the release of Windows 8.

This is exciting news, of course. But, I haven’t used 8 much yet. I don’t have a touch capable device to take full advantage of the new style interface. That will change, of course. I’m definitely going to get on the wait list for the new Microsoft Surface when it comes out (probably the “Pro” version).

While it is somewhat stressful to learn a new interface, I think that after the initial growing pains that users will have, this will be a much better experience than they’ve had before – especially those using touch devices.

I now look forward to the new release of Windows Server 2012 and its exciting new capabilities, especially in the virtualization space where we STOMP the competition. No longer behind, we are now the technology leader.


UPDATE: Windows Server 2012 is now RTM:

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