Brave New World

Sitting in training today, the class topic was scripting. Now, most of you admins out there have done scripting in one form or another - whether it was batch or VBScript or even the new PowerShell. I've done it - I've done it a lot, but most of the people in the class have not, which surprised me.

"Hmm," I thought, "I should post some of my scripts on-line." That was an hour ago and the beginning, I hope, of a new outlet for me. On my personal blog, I whine about the weather and being sick and my manager, but that's personal. Now, I will attempt to relate my technological trials and sucesses in the field.

The idea I had which started this was that I could post some of the techniques I have used to do various administrative tasks in the field for my customers on this site - especially so that I can have a good place to come back to when I forget how I did it! I will include some VBScript and some PowerShell commands that I have learned, but the postings will not be restricted to that. I will also show interesting tips for configuring and maintaining some of the technologies that our customers employ.

Of course, by posting some of these things I might be posting things that are available elsewhere, but it's my hope that I can present the material in such a manner that will be simple and easy to understand. I will also try to be as brief as possible so that you are not flooded with too much extra information. I'll even try to post some backup references.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings and that they are helpful to you.

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