My first post of 2009

Its been quiet around here while I’ve been away on annual leave over the Christmas/New Years break. While I’ve been away overseas I had an Asus 1000H netbook with me running Windows 7 builds, and the new Windows Live Essentials suite. Expect some posts from me  soon on the Windows 7 beta and the recently…


Normal Service resumed

I’ve had a bit of a blogging holiday while I’ve been using up some annual leave – having a holiday and some R&R in the beautiful NZ summer. I am officially moving out of holiday mode – so expect normal postings to begin shortly.


Go Deep on Virtualisation

and geek out with this Channel 9 video wow, cool video (yes I’m a geek)


New NZ bank offering internet banking with two-factor authentication

Interesting to see a bank in NZ launched a new offering today: Internet Banking services that includes two-factor authentication by default for “free” RaboBank launched RaboPlus in NZ today I think they may be the first in NZ to do this by default without additional charges. Looks like their service is using one-time access codes with Vasco…


Nigel blogs about Seattle sport

First time to see a live NBA basketball match, Nigel has more details about the fun and oncourt antics of the players I notice he doesn’t mention the Seattle rain 😉


Toshiba Gigabeat S looks hot, PMC v2

Toshiba Gigabeat S Series Portable Media Center yummy yummy, where do I get one, I can’t wait till “Spring 2006” More importantly Spring 2006 is a LONG time to wait in the Southern Hemisphere, why does a global company like Microsoft use seasons of the year that are Northern Hemisphere centric rather than use calendar…