NZers 30% discount off TechNet subscriptions

Just a reminder that are special 30% off discount promotion code for New Zealand customers expires on June 30, promo code is -


What is a TechNet Subscription?

TechNet Subscriptions is a subscription program that provides premium technical resources to help IT Professionals efficiently evaluate, test, and troubleshoot. TechNet Subscriptions helps you to evaluate Microsoft software by giving you access to full-version Microsoft software with no time or feature limits. Receive professional help with 24/7 online chat and access to priority support in TechNet Forums.
TechNet Subscriptions provides you with on-going access to Microsoft infrastructure products, technologies, and information so you can get the most out of your time and investment.


Want to take advantage of 30% off?

So go here:

Sign in with your Windows Live ID

Then pick NZ in the drop down box, top right

Then BUY NOW on whichever TechNet version you want

Enter Promotion Code - NZTNQ3


What does this TechNet Subscription include? Look at our comparison chart.

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