Information for Microsoft Customers in Canterbury region

From the MS NZ press release:

New Zealand - 23 February 2011

Microsoft New Zealand extends its heartfelt thoughts to the Kiwis affected by the earthquake that devastated Christchurch on 22 February.

Microsoft New Zealand is making the following support offerings available to affected customers and business partners. We hope this will help our customers as they respond to the disaster and rebuild their IT capability in the coming weeks and months. This offer is available for customers in the Canterbury Region for an initial 90 day period – Microsoft will review the offer and the period as we learn more about the precise assistance most commonly needed.

  • For consumers (typically with 1 or 2 standalone PCs) experiencing software issues related to Microsoft products, as they restart their PCs, or have to reload software on new PCs, please call our support line for free telephone based support on tel 0800 800 004.
  • For small businesses affected by the earthquake (typically with 1 or more PCs and Servers, and not actively managed by a Microsoft Customer or Partner Account Manager), Microsoft is making available telephone based service incident support calls free of charge by calling 0800 800 004.
  • In addition to the above, Microsoft Managed Partners and Enterprise Managed Customers (defined as the Customers and Partners that have a Microsoft Account Manager) should contact their Account Manager to discuss how Microsoft can help or alternatively utilise the available free priority telephone based technical support (on tel 0800 800 004).

Microsoft is also making available to affected Microsoft Managed Partners and Enterprise Managed Customers, on a case-by-case basis, access to assistance and advice from our Consulting and Premier Support personnel, and access to free Microsoft Online Services (Microsoft Cloud based Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Office Communications Online and Office Live Meeting) for situations where their infrastructure is damaged to the point where they require an alternative messaging & collaboration suite on a temporary basis until such time as they can rebuild.

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