reminder – Windows 7 Release Candidate expiration coming soon

just a reminder that if you’re still running a Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) then it’s time to move to the final release bits, because the RC will expire soon.

Check of the Windows Blog for more information on how to move from Windows 7 RC, together with technical resources on deployment.

The short version is that if you’re running RC bits

  • Feb 15 you’ll start getting reminders to upgrade
  • March 1 the system will timebomb and start rebooting every 2 hours
  • June 1 the system will expire and give you non-activated/nongenuine warnings in addition to the shutdowns.

More detail?

First off, how do you know what version you are on?  Run winver.exe, it will let you know if your build is going to expire.

If your build is an eval or RC, starting in 2 weeks on February 15th, you’ll start getting daily popups reminding you that the expiration is coming.

When you get  down to the last 3 days before expiration, the reminders come every 4 hours.

On the last day, the notifications will come every hour.

Once your copy has expired, it will shutdown every 2 hours.  Your work won’t be saved.

If you’re still evaluating Windows 7, Springboard has a RTM 90-day evals available.  You can get one here.

the Springboard Series on TechNet provides the latest tools, whitepapers, walkthroughs and tips and tricks to help you with your Windows 7 Deployment. On the Springboard Series on TechNet, you’ll find resources such as Deploying Windows 7 from A to Z and Installing Windows 7 on an Existing XP PC. You can visit the Window 7 TechNet Forum for more information as well!

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