Windows Home Server (WHS) Power Pack 3 – available this week

as announced on the Windows Home Server blog: Windowswindowshomeserverlogolarge1 Home Server Power Pack 3 will be available worldwide on November 25th (NZ time)  Power Pack 3 will be a free update to anyone already using Windows Home Server through Windows Update. 

WHS Power Pack 3 adds enhancements for Windows 7 and Windows Media Centre.

Windows Home Server at a glance:

If you have multiple PCs with increasingly large amounts of digital photography, music, video, and documents, then protecting, organising, and connecting this digital media can be a challenging task. Help with managing your digital dilemmas has arrived. Windows Home Server does more than Network Attached Storage (NAS) – take a look.

  • Media Server: Digital memories and media stored and organised in a central location
  • Backup Software: Home computers backed up daily, automatically
  • Data Recovery: Simple restore of lost files or even entire hard drive content.
  • Document Management: Complete access to files from both inside and outside the home
  • Remote Access: A secure and personalised website address for sharing photos and home videos
  • Add-ins: Easily add storage space and new software capabilities

Power Pack 3 adds these new features:

Windows 7 Libraries integration  When you install the Windows Home Server Connector and log on a computer running Windows 7, you can access the Windows Home Server shared folders from the Windows 7 libraries.

Windows 7 Action Centre backup warning suppression  After you install the Windows Home Server Connector to enable the home server backup for your computer running Windows 7, you can suppress the Action Centre warning reminding you that Windows Backup has not been set up.

Windows 7 power settings  You can configure your computer running Windows 7 to wake up at a scheduled backup time and then go back to sleep after the backup finishes.

Console support for Windows 7  Windows 7 is properly displayed as the operating system shown in the Computers & Backup tab.

Windows Search  Windows Search 4 is included to improve query search times, indexing times, and reliability. Extended Remote Discovery increases the efficiency of searching across all your libraries running Windows Search 4. Files encrypted with EFS are now supported.

TV archive  Windows Home Server can automatically archive recorded TV by moving your recordings from a Windows Media Centre computer to your home server in the format of your choice. This enables playback in the correct format for your home computers and/or portable devices.

Console view  You can view information about your home server’s storage space, hard drives, backup status, and more from Windows Media Centre.

Complete details are available in the Power Pack 3 Release Documentation.

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