SCVMM 2008 has RTM’d

On the recent TechNet roadshow around NZ, I mentioned System Centre Virtual Machine Manager 2008 was RTMing before the end of October, and here it is

From the Windows Virtualisation Team Blog : System Centre Virtual Machine Manager 2008 RTMs:

Download details: SCVMM 2008 – Evaluation:


Virtual Machine Manager 2008 (VMM) has these features:

  • Designed for virtual machines running on Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft Hyper-V Server

  • Support for Microsoft Virtual Server and VMware ESX

  • Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO)

  • Maximize data centre resources through consolidation

  • Machine conversions are a snap!

  • Quick provisioning of new machines

  • Intelligent Placement minimizes virtual machine guesswork in deployment

  • Delegated virtual machine management for Development and Test

  • The library helps keep virtual machine components organized

  • Windows PowerShell provides rich management and scripting environment

Here are some resources you might find useful:

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