August Edition of TechNet Magazine online

Online and available for download here, highlights include:

technetaug08 SQL Server: Top Tips for Effective Database Maintenance
Far too often, people who are not trained database administrators somehow end up responsible for a database. They lack the proper training and knowledge to maintain their database, and problems begin to develop. Here’s a primer for all those involuntary DBAs  who need a crash course in database maintenance best practices.

Windows Administration: Taking Your Server’s Pulse
Your users are complaining that a server is running poorly—do you know where to look to diagnose the problem? PerfMon can be an indispensable tool for this as it has numerous diagnostic capabilities. Get an overview of the key indicators you should use to diagnose a variety of common bottlenecks that can slow down your servers.

System Center: Windows PowerShell in System Center Operations Manager
Windows PowerShell has been integrated into System Center Operations Manager 2007, offering a powerful way to perform and automate common administrative tasks. Get an overview of how you can use Windows PowerShell in OpsMgr to perform routine maintenance, manage agents, and more.

Internet Information Services: Scaling ASP.NET Applications: Lessons Learned
The key to successfully scaling an ASP.NET application is having a collaborative effort between developers and network administrators, starting at the beginning of the application’s lifecycle. Find out what factors are necessary to scale an application, and see how this collaboration can help ensure the application will run as intended.

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