Slide deck from Launch: Core Infrastructure Improvements in Windows Server 2008

I just saved my slide deck from the Launch Wave 2008 event, up onto Skydrive, and its available on the link above. 

All the decks will be officially published up to later this week, I will update this post once they're available

Core Infrastructure Improvements in Windows Server 2008
Presenter: Nathan Mercer, Microsoft NZ
In addition to incorporating new capabilities and enhancements to existing features, Windows Server 2008 includes a number of improvements in the core OS.
These are aimed at increasing the ability of Windows Server 2008 to support highly critical workloads by improving operational reliability, reducing system failures and easing management.
We will also discuss improvements in networking, security, remote application access, centralised server role management, performance and reliability monitoring tools, failover clustering, deployment, and the file system.

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  1. details on extending the evaluation of Win2k8 out to 240 days without activation are in the KB @



  2. Anonymous says:

    hi – I remember you said something about providing details on extending the evaluation period from 60 days on the last slide? Any details?

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