Countdown to NZ Launch of Windows Server 2008


Not long to go now, till we kick off the launch of the 2008 Wave of Server products, starting in Christchurch next week

We've mentioned this in the TechNet Flash, but as a reminder:  join us at one of our Launch Wave 2008 Technical Briefings and get an in-depth look at the cutting edge technologies within Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008.

The agenda for the Launch Wave 2008 Technical Briefing will consist of a Keynote, followed by two streams of content for IT Pros and Developers.

All attendees will receive a promotional pack containing 'not for sale' versions of Launch Wave products and other software goodies. This include a copy of Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition, a 40% discount voucher for TechNet Plus subscription and much more. Click here to find out more and to register.

Technical sessions, delivered by an awesome bunch of local and international speakers, will drill into the features and functionality of the Launch Wave 2008 products, with sessions including:

  • Core infrastructure improvements in Windows Server 2008

  • Security technologies in Windows Server 2008

  • Virtualisation

  • SQL Server 2008 deployment and management

  • SQL Server 2008 for developers

  • Web development with Visual Studio 2008

  • Building connected applications

  • and more

Register here


Comments (2)

  1. blair says:

    This was a good day, I’m sure that the new products will live up to there Hype… No pun intended… Anyway Nathan, when will you be uploading your slides and other information that you mentioned during your presentation.  Great presentation by the way… Cheers

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