how does Home Server work under the covers?

quicklinks_whs_logoI've been demoing Windows Home Server quite a bit over the last few months, either on purpose or quite often because I'm talking to an IT Pro audience about the Windows Server roadmap and someone in the audience will ask me "Hey what's that Windows Home Server thing, I've heard about it, can you please give us a quick rundown"  I just do demos off my Home Server connected to my cable modem at home, nothing like demoing off a live production system with live content 😉


Technically enthused audiences seem to love Windows Home Server as it, passes the WAF test, and it does an awesome job of organising, sharing and protecting your digital content and memories.  It has been protecting my home PCs and duplicating all my digital photos for almost a year at home now.


Technical people often ask how some of the WHS technologies like Drive Extender work, rather than listen to me in a presentation, now you can go in-depth with these technical briefs, just posted on the WHS blog.

My favourite features are Drive Extender and the Home Backup stuff, so cool and yet so user friendly too for all the gee-whiz technical stuff that they are doing under the covers to duplicate your content across hard drive spindles.

Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Karl says:

    When can we expect to see an update to the network stack? Currently I’m testing the server 2008 RC and it’s quite a bit faster for file transfers…

    Or will you delay that until a whole new release after server 2008 is released?

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