Wellington New Zealand panorama Gigapixel image Microsoft Research HDView

Like "wide and deep images"?  This is cool, check this out - a panorama view of Wellington, New Zealand shot from the top of Mount Victoria in February 07 (during the week of summer!) and created using Microsoft Research HDView

Thanks to my Microsoft Wellington based colleague, Adrian Watkins who took all the shots

Tech details:

~160 8Mp source images

300mm lens iso 100 manual 125/s @ f 16

Note that HD View is not a product, it is a prototype application that we are letting out of the lab.  You should treat it as a software application that is being beta tested.  What HD View is - is a lot of fun.  It leverages the graphics processor present in most PCs today to give an interactive experience, even at full-screen.  It uses multi-resolution tiled images (much like terraserver and maps.live.com), so that only the current view of the overall image is fetched over the web.  And it smoothly transitions from panoramic overview to immersive panning mode.

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  1. Adamnz says:

    That panorama of wellington is absolutely INCREDIBLE!

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