Invite to the Technical Training Sessions on Vista & 2007 Office

The Connect ’06 Technical Training Sessions are coming to Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland during May:

Wellington – 11th May – Intercontinental

Christchurch – 17th May – Grand Chancellor

Auckland – 22nd May – Sky City

Agenda, registration and more info at

The event is completely FREE, but you must register.

Checkout the event agenda here and also the event technical content here.

The day is focussed around the next generation of the platform with Windows Vista and Office 2007.  Yours truely will be doing a demo or 2 in the keynote, and then presenting 2 sessions on Windows Vista, in the IT Pro Infrastructure track later in the day.


I'm a techo, both sessions will be around the 300 level of technical depth:

The first session is a "Windows Vista Overview", you may have seen the whizzy UI AERO Glass transparency demos, but do you really want to know what has changed under-the-covers?  I will be talking about the Built-in Diagnostics; improved Performance & Reliability; Security improvements including the new Networking Stack, Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, IPsec management improvements, Windows Service Hardening, Anti-Malware tools and User Account Control; Group Policy Eventing, Instrumentation, and Error Reporting, amongst other things!


Then the 2nd session after lunch is called "Preparing for Windows Vista Deployment"  where we will cover off the things you need to be thinking about as you prepare for the Windows Vista release later in the year.  Explore installation and configuration options for Windows Vista according to recommended topologies and scenarios. Find out about how to deploy Operating System images with Windows Deployment Services, learn about Windows Imaging Format with Nondestructive Imaging. Understand Windows Vista component modularisation, unattended installations and the Windows Vista Automation and Supportability improvements

In the IT Pro Infrastructure track there is also a session being presented by my colleagues on "Preparing for Office 2007 Deployment" and lastly "Making Your Life Easier with Windows Server 2003 R2"

See the full event agenda here and also the event technical content here for more info.

I hope to see you there...!

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  1. Waylon Kenning says:

    Awesome, look forward to finally meeting the man in person!

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