new Acer tablet: convertible but with a Direct Hinge instead of swivel

Tablet PC pioneer Acer does it again, looks like they will be first to market with the new Tablet PC Direct Hinge.  The new hinge goes on a convertible Tablet that slides rather than swivels and tilts, its a new design that Microsoft has developed and made available to Windows OEMs.

The new hinge is cool, as it provides fast access with its face open design.  The clever folding hinge lets you slide the screen back to reveal the keyboard or down to hide it, the hinge also supports the screen when the keyboard is out so you can write on it without it wobbling all over the place.  You can carry the Tablet PC with the screen showing, so you can start writing without having to open it, but with a keyboard that you can get at when you only have one hand free, or hold the machine with one hand and type with the other.

A good write up on the Acer hardware here with photos here

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