SBS 2008 VLOG Slice – User Roles

Check out the next in the Slice series.  User Roles in Small Business Server 2008. User roles are incredibly important when maintaining a secure infrastructure.  They allow administrators to simply create standard users based off of a usage profile designated from the SBS 2008 console.  This means less opportunity for administrative error during user provisioning….

SBS 2008 VLOG – Distribution and Security Groups

Another work of art from David.  Check out this time the Distribution and Security Groups VLOG. Notice how simple it is to create mail distribution groups without touching the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC. Also make sure you pay attention to what each of the preinstalled groups do too.  Roll camera!


SBS 2008 VLOG Slice – User Properties

David Fabritius was busy over the weekend and put together another SBS 2008 VLOG slice.  Check out the next installment with a drill down of the User Group Properties. Key things to call out.  Look at the options available within the UI on the right pane, allowing you to simply make changes.  Also make sure…


EBS VLOG slices find a new home

Well after a short stay here on my blog you may have noticed that the EBS slice demos have found a new home.  As of Monday this week, I’ve moved the EBS part of this side project to be directly on the EBS blog.  What about SBS you may ask?  Well, that’s a surprise… You’ll…


Another addition to the VLOG Slice series.  This time contributed by David Fabritius our resident Partner Technical Product Manager.  Some of you my also recognize his voice from the now famous 5w/50 US partner sessions. See the Slice demo below.  Core things to watch for; Simplified add user UI More secure by design Setup of…


EBS 2008 Add new user – Vlog SLice

In this episode of our Essential Server Solutions Vlog Slice I cover the add new user wizard in Essential Business Server 2008. As we did our research into the typical midsize organization we quickly realized that being able to consistently manage users and ensure that standards were  kept was a real challenge for our customers. …

Small Business Server 2008 Storage Management – Vlog Slice

One of the items we focused on with Small Business Server 2008 was how to better enable more flexibility post install.  We got a lot of feedback around how difficult it was to move data repositories around, and the time and supportability complexities involved in doing so.  OEM and System Builder configurations also benefit from…


Essential Business Server 2008 Health Workloads – Vlog Slice

After the overwhelming interest in my previous videos, we’re going to keep expanding the catalog of 3 min technology Slices.  Thanks to everyone for their feedback so far.  You’ll notice I’ve even branded them as Slices. So for the next slice – Check out an overview of the Health Workloads of Essential Business Server 2008….


EBS 2008 Slice – The Security Tab

Following on from the post yesterday, here is my next installment covering the security tab on Windows Essential Business Server 2008. 


SBS 2008 Video Slice

Having spent a fair amount of time with SBS and EBS, I thought I’d put together a series of videos quickly covering some of the cool features of SBS 2008. Here’s my first one, the SBS 2008 Remote Web Workplace.  Check it out and let me know what you think?  I’m planning on doing a…