SBS and BPOS – New whitepaper and some cool scenarios

Updated - 2/21/11

A number have people have reached out asking "where's the link?".  You can find the documentation for the two likely scenarios (0 and 100 day migrations) here

A few weeks ago we released this whitepaper on how to remove Exchange from SBS and connect up to BPOS.  BPOS or the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite (now you know why we use acronyms so often ;)) is an online solution from Microsoft that allows customers to move their email and some collaboration services into the cloud, or in other words hosted in Microsoft’s data centers.  You might be screaming right now - “Why remove Exchange from SBS?  Are you guys crazy?”  Well we actually found we had five distinct requests we were hoping to support here.  Let me take some time to walk you through them.

Branch Office email Cloud Centralization:  This came from a company who has offices in multiple remote locations (think mining/exploration company), they send large files using email between each site and the response time between BPOS and each site optimized the expensive high latency high bandwidth network.  Apart from email each site runs autonomously, with their own local SharePoint, and remote access requirements.  By moving the email from on-premise to BPOS they are able to achieve this.

Auditable Compliance: Originally from a financial services company, we received feedback that customers needed a way of achieving compliance – SOX, HIPPA, both have components required that are part of BPOS’ feature set.  Something that is difficult to replicate on a single box.  Following this feedback, relocating email to the cloud, enabled customers to solve this issues.  Health, and Financial services are both great industries that need to ensure compliance audit-ability.  SBS plus BPOS is an easy way of achieving this.

Archiving and Encryption:  There are some transactions that need to be both archived and encrypted, purchase orders, buy orders, health records.  BPOS enables this scenario. You can read more details here

High Availability: This scenario we received feedback from a number of sources. Email continually rates in the top 3 LOB applications in all research we do.  BPOS builds a SLA around it’s high availability scenario.  Feedback from customers asked that we could build more HA into our mail scenario, whilst optimizing on premise for other workloads – identity, access, information worker.  By moving email on to BPOS you’re able to achieve HA without having to outlay capital into new hardware.

Scale greater than 75 email accounts: Again we’ve received this from many customers. In certain scenarios customers may have more than 75 email accounts but only have 30-40 on-site users. BPOS allows customer to scale the email off of the box, and meet this scenario.

Lastly this is another great example of the commitment WSSG (SBS/EBS) has in developing a solutions platform for SMB.  We’re constantly looking for new ways of providing opportunity on top of SBS.  Of course you could also you this whitepaper to connect to other Microsoft Hosters to achieve these results.  We’re still very much in the early days of this wave of online services.  If you have any other ideas on what we can do to better integrate with other online technologies you can get in contact using the contact link on the right.

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