Happy New YEAR!

Thanks to all of you for 2008.  I’m really looking forward to 2009.  We’ve got lots of exciting things in the works to continue to build from our great launches in 2008.  Enjoy the celebrations, stay safe, and I look forward to working with y’all next year.  Peace!

How to set up SBS backup in a Hyper-V environment

Last week I posted about how to do a bare metal restore and David from down-under asked if I could explain how I had SBS backup setup in my virtual environment.  It’s worth pointing out that in my current backup configuration I’m *not* protecting against fire, theft and flood by running an offsite backup.  Instead…

Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas!!

To all of you reading my blog have a great holiday season, stay safe, and keep those questions coming.  I’ll be working through this season, so don’t be afraid to get in touch. Ka kite ano.  Oh and if you’re wondering about the beach Santa – it’s me hanging on to the memory of hot…

TS2 team and EBS TCO

Check out part 2 of the interview series with Charles.  This time we talk about TCO http://ts2blogs.com/blogs/charlesv/archive/2008/12/17/behind-the-scenes-with-ebs-2008-understanding-tco-with-essentials-business-server-2008.aspx

Register.com IAMW logon tip

While tweaking an SBS environment recently I tried to log on to Register.com to adjust some of my DNS settings.  At first I thought I’d forgotten my logon since http://www.register.com didn’t seem to remember me, with the response  The user name and password combination provided was not found in our system. After a bit of…

Xbox, Zune and Home Server combination

It the holiday season so I’ve been tweaking my home entertainment config in preparation for some snow driven WFH days.  Anyway, the new Xbox experience (NXE) has the ability to stream music from my Zune player.  But even after ensuring my network was right and successfully seeing the Zune share on the network, the Xbox…


Correction! The real SBS and EBS newsgroups

Not so long ago I wrote about the SBS newsgroup – little did I know that there were some others that even more people contributed to.  Check the real newsgroups out here Windows Small Business Server 2008 Newsgroup Windows Essential Business Server 2008 Newsgroup

Bare Metal restore with SBS 2008 running virtualized

Over the last few weeks I’ve been experimenting with my SBS deployment at home.  Unfortunately I’ve done some irreparable damage and need to revert back to a known good quantity.  To do that I’ve decided to do a bare metal restore.  Now in my configuration I am running SBS in a virtual environment along with…