Hyper-V Server – Interview with Bryon Surace

Earlier this week I was talking to some of the SBS MVPs about Hyper-V server.  I just noticed Bryon talking to the guys on Technet EDGE about this.  For those of you want a sneak peak at Hyper-V server, check out the interview on the Technet EDGE site. http://edge.technet.com/Media/First-Look-Hyper-V-Server/

EBS Languages

I recently got asked which languages is EBS shipping in?  The answer; English Italian German French Spanish Japanese Russian Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Korean Brazilian Portuguese

Demo Showcase 2008 SMB Edition

Time to highlight another demo click through environment for Small and Medium Business solutions.  This demo is different to the previous demos I’d posted about.  Mainly because this demo focuses on how you can apply SBS & EBS to support other application functions in the business.  Each of the focus areas is split into its…

EBS Security Demo on TechNET EDGE

So now that both SBS and EBS have shipped I’m going to be putting some more time back into the demo slices.  While I dream up some exciting demos I thought I’d wet your appetite with one of the recent Technet EDGE demos with Lingan one of our lead EBS PMs. EBS Security demo and…

Crikey! We need more people to do the SBS beta exam

We’ve had phenomenal feedback so far, but we still need more.  SBS beta exam vouchers are still valid, and we need you to sign up and go sit this exam.  Remember a pass here counts for a pass on the RTM exam. All you need to do is the following; Registration Information Please use the…

Lenovo announces they’re moving into the Server Business with SBS/EBS

Exciting news from Lenovo today, they’re moving into the Server Business with their ThinkServer line.  What’s even more exciting is that they’re planning on doing this with Small Business Server 2008 and Essential Business Server 2008.  Watch their announcement below.

Essential Business Server 2008 RTMs

I know I’m a day late, but it’s still worth blogging!  Bring on November 12th 2008.  You can read Eric Kidds RTM post here

SBS 2008 Rocks!!

There are many reasons why I love this product, but I want to share a real world example with you of how SBS really is a powerful solution. Last week I was moving house.  I use a Comcast cable connection and use the Internet Address Management wizard to manage my domain.  This means that I…

SBS & EBS blog posts on Supported Virtualization Scenarios

Today and Yesterday we posted respective blogs on the support scenarios for SBS and EBS.  As you can imagine we’ve done a lot of thinking in this space.  We talked to many customers and partners about why they’d virtualize and what scenarios might play out.  Having said all of that physical still remains a really…

Creating a FIXED SIZE Virtual hard disk and prepping the SBS 2008 virtual machine for deployment

As you know we recommend setting the VHD for your SBS deployment to be a fixed disk.  By default Hyper-V will create a Dynamically expanding disk.  Which does have its advantages like being faster to create, and not taking up white space on your hard disk drive.  However they do have some disadvantages, namely that…