Completed PMP Exam (Cleared in First Attempt)

Cleared the PMI PMP exam last week   with Good standing. It was an awesome experience.

Besides your experience which helps you grasp and understand the content well , you must prepare dedicatedly for 100-120 Hours i.e. it can be  spread over 3 to 6 weeks  and last 2/3 days doing the MOCK tests.

PMBOK is good for reference on regular basis .You can follow one more book for compete study and understanding . I  Followed Rita's Exam preparation guide , and read most of the chapters twice . Also went through nearly all the Fast Track questions,

Besides that revised the PMStudy Tips and Tricks and completed the MOCK Test. MOCK Test is very important to make a habit to sit for 4 hours and get your 200 questions completed in 4 hours . You have to keep track of the time  dividing  every hour i.e. you must be competing more than 50  questions in every hour to complete your exam. loosing focus in any hour will lead you to struggle at the end .

Also do understand all the questions i.e. why  3 of the answers are wrong and why the one is correct. This really help you in answering the similar type of questions in exam. You may complete 10000 questions but , all the questions in exam will be new . However the pattern is mostly same i.e. if you have analyzed the questions even if you have worked on only 700 to 1000 questions but from all knowledge areas and have understood them well , you can clear those questions in exam easily.


Summary : If you are well prepared (  read the book twice , gone through questions in all Knowledge areas and Done couple of MOCK tests ) , then  you actually feel that you will clear the exam ( i.e. the questions become easy for you answer correctly). While giving exam , you feel that you are answering the questions correctly. And exam is easy to pass for those who are prepared.


Tips :

Learn by heart the Tools and techniques used in all processes i.e. Sensitivity Analysis , Variance Analysis, Analogous Estimating , Delphi Technique, Pareto chart, Control chart and control Limits , Push / Pull communication methods, Understanding of Management Styles , Conflict resolving  techniques, Risk Sharing , Mitigation/Acceptance,  EVM Numericals, Contract Types , Ishikawa Diagram


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  3. Diana says:

    Congrats Nitin on sucessfully completiing your">PMP Certification

  4. umesh says:

    There is nothing called as "Risk sharing". Risks are either avoided/ transferred/mitigated or accepted (actively/passively). Although Opportunities are exploited/enhanced/shared and accepted.

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