sharepopint 2013

Similar Arch. as 2010

New platforms and capabilities:

Shredded storage : Minimize actuila file size. Send only those changes which users are making and not complete doument to the server

SQL 2012 as DB server

App fabric caching -store informatio in farm level cache over all servers

request mgmt : to redirect request to sharepoint server to diiferent servers for load sharing or specifc servers with specific workloads

GUI modification options are enhanced and made easy :

Information sharing made easy and quick : more easily share sites ..

SA Arachitecture has reamined same and we take advanatage of alreday solid architecture

added few new SAs

Once change is that Office webappas is nota  SA now its a separate product and installed on separate server irrespective of sharepoint i.e. can be used by Documents in Exchange 15 , filesystem or Lync 15. Sharepoint is not a required component for office web apps.

Webanalytics is also now noa SA bu has been made part of serach itself  and can now better understand teh users queries made ofr ceratin keywords and of rspecific criteria , thsu analytics become more precise.

Lots of improvement on ECM perspective

Now we can ahve site l;evel retention policies to track whch site are acreated , how they are cleaned and track when they are deleted   and what workflows are executed once they are delted etc and also the retention policies can be imposed on mailboxes axssociated with site.Thus can arcahive the site at a arcahival location.

 Also discivery cases and hold s acan be crarted not only for site but for anything at obne single place.

We can export information from files sytem, , exchange or even sharepoint for legal holds or otherwise for information purpose.

Exchange 15 and shjarepoint 15 are tighly integrated .

Tere are some tjing called theme folders  and which stores documents opr emails and can be used either with sharepoint or owa or outlook to browse this info.

On WCM perspective , lots of improvements  i.e. you can use any tool for workflow or designining site which can understand HTML . as sharepoint pages uses HTML rendering approach . designer need not underatnd Sharepoint to modify theier site , as its supports hTML rendering and these designers can use html templates to manipulate these site .they can alos iuse any HTMl i.e  HTML 5 . Anoter advantage is taht sharepoint pages for rendering webparts are not yusing table tags but using >Div> s for renndering web parts which make it easy for HTMl rendering.

variation shandling : support for content translation. Individual label owners can see changes on master site and message translation can take plae in sharepoint . Translation happens in cloud based servive=ce nd integrated into sharoiint sites


wait fo more info in next post

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