Office 365 – SharePoint online Extranet Invites

Office 365 – SharePoint online Extranet Invites

The office 365 SharePoint online has Extranet feature to invite external people (without any online license) to access your site and work on it ( as Visitor or as contributor etc) . By default you get 50 such users invites free and you can opt for more if required by paying very little amount as compared to regular online SharePoint licenses. For this you have to send invite to people on their live email account and give them permissions using their live email account for example you can give permissions to and send him email . once he receives email , he can click on link in the email and logon to online site using his live email account and will be able to access


Open the using admin credentials and click on Manage under SharePoint online


Click on Manage Site collections


Select the Site collection on which you want to give access to external users


lick on Settings and select Manager External Users: Allow the access to external users in popup dialog


Goto Site – Actions – Find External users permissions- Click on that


Type in the external users live email accounts, type a message to be sent in email and click Ok


Go and check the external live meeting account email … you would have received an email from Tenant Administrator of Online Account . open it . it will have a link to external SharePoint site and button to accept the invitation. Click on Invitation. It will open the browser for logon to online account where you have to provide your live account email address . if you are already logged into your live account , it may not ask for credentials and will log you on to the site directly.


The above screen shot shows how the logon service responds when you type in your Hotmail account emailid for logging into online portal site of Office 365


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Comments (12)

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are not able to see Manage external users as iT now GA and the post is talking about Beta version where the option was visible , in GA you just need to enable the Feature in site colection features "External users Invitation"

  2. Anonymous says:

    This feature is only for enterprise plans and not for small business

  3. Anonymous says:

    Public facing site is html based site so whatever you wnat to do can be done through html and not designer

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes it works even if you have federated AD environment ………. Yes it requires a Liveid ( or to access the extranet site as Office 365 has Federation setup with Microsoft Liveid.

  5. Pat Keating says:

    Can I customize the branding of the extranet and its login page?

  6. Is this feature only available to enterprise customers ?? I have a small business portal and don't see "Manager External Users" in my site settings.

  7. Graham Lyden says:

    Couple of questons of this:-

    1. Does this work the same even if you have federated AD setups?  

    2. Will it only work if extranet user has a windows live account?

  8. Aryan Nava says:

    After allowing external users access, do you have to go and activate External users Invitation site features?

    I don't have Enterprise account and don't see the options of Manage External Users but I am able to invite users without any problem.

    You see see the steps:…/adding-and-inviting-external-users-to-sharepoint-online-sites

  9. Aryan Nava says:

    I don't think anyone out there using beta verson for produciton.

  10. I read somewhere that office web apps are in view only mode for External users.

    Is it the same for Form Server?

    How about Access services?


  11. SharePoint User says:

    The extranet feature does not allow users with Live IDs connected to gmail, yahoo, or other domains to access a SharePoint site.  Only those users with or domain email addresses can access a SharePoint site using the extranet features.  This makes the extranet capabilities much less useful and attractive.  Currently there is no set date for resolving this issue.

  12. Matt says:

    Do you know what the small amount is for over 50 external users?

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