SharePoint 2010 Standalone not supported on DC :Gives error message while upgrade : You cannot install SharePoint In standalone mode on a domain controller

Q: When I install SharePoint on a domain controller(DC), Setup doesn’t give me any option to choose from server farm/standalone installation.

A: This is a designed behavior. SQL Server Express 2008 is not supported on a domain controller, so the standalone mode of SharePoint installation is removed when administrator tries to deploy on a DC. If you really want to override this behavior for demo/dev purpose, you can try:

setup.exe /config FILES\SETUP\config.xml

This will install a SingleServer(Standalone).

A complete list of the parameters can be shown with setup.exe /?

it's on DC box and the UI doesn't show me the option whether to install Standalone or Farm mode (looks like the UI is skipped), is there a workaround to install standalone even though it is not supported?

If you install on a machine that is a domain controller we don’t give you the option of installing standalone since it’s not a supported.

I was trying to install Sharepoint 2010 standalone, but during installation it never asked me whether I want to install Standalone or not (which I thought it’s standalone), but when the installation is done and running the configuration wizard, it asks me this option below. I pick “Create a new server farm” which then it asks me to enter the database server. Since I didn’t install SQL Server (SQL Express is there), how do I proceed here?



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  1. cal_bonjovi says:

    is installing SQL server 2008 Express edition will solve this problem? im just being careful on installing that's why im searching first before doing the installation.

  2. MJ says:

    Try to install the Server Farm Complete installation. Standalone installation is for a single server only or which has no domain.

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