Migrate to SharePoint Online (O365–SPO) from On-Premise SharePoint or fileshare using new PowerShell migration APIs

  **Updated to include SharePoint On-Prem to Office 365 SharePoint Online Scenario Important This documentation covers features that are currently in preview and not yet finalized for use in production code. Replace <TENANT> with actual tenant prefix, <SPOSite> with SPO Site prefix and <On-PremSPSite> with SP On-Prem Site Prefix in all PowerShell cmdlets. Triple-click in…

The mysterious issue of disappeared green ticks in OneDrive for Business

I use “OneDrive” for storing any personal documents / pictures and “OneDrive for Business” for storing any work related / official documents. So, I ran into an issue where the tick marks just disappeared from OneDrive for Business. New and modified files would actually sync just fine however it wouldn’t show any notification tick marks…


How to host an existing on-prem SharePoint 2013 virtual machine environment onto Microsoft Azure IaaS step-by-step

I have a functional, on premise SharePoint 2013 Test / Dev environment. I now want to host this environment at Microsoft Azure and take advantage of features Microsoft Azure IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) has to offer. Here's how to go about it – Prerequisite: You'll need an active Microsoft Azure subscription > Verify by…

White Paper: Data Collection Process for SharePoint

Understanding the data-collection process in SharePoint: This white paper describes how to configure and collect various types of logs for troubleshooting issues that affect Microsoft SharePoint. Download: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=43416


Detect and Repair Content DB orphans / Security Corruption (Missing ScopeID) in a SharePoint 2010 / 2013 Farm using Windows PowerShell (Updated!)

We have come across issues like unable to access / unable to delete / unable to change permissions / unable to access version history for a document or library / list due to Content DB orphans OR security corruption (Missing ScopeID). You may see error similar to below in ULS logs. <Date Time> w3wp.exe (PID)…


Total number of list items in a SharePoint Web Application

Ever wondered, how many list items you have in a Web Application? You can use this Windows PowerShell script to know the total number of list items in a SharePoint Web Application. You can tweak the recursion to get list item details for subsite o for site collection level…   Below is the sample script….


How to sync picture from SharePoint to Active Directory and hence to Outlook and Lync

Lets talk about how we can get a picture in user’s My Site to be synchronized with Active Directory (AD) and hence other applications like Outlook or Lync (formally office communicator) can utilize it. So lets get started with assuming – “User Profile Synchronization Service” is in “Started” state on appropriate SharePoint server “Replicate Directory…


Troubleshooting User Profile Sync Issues in Office SharePoint Server 2007

  In SharePoint Server 2007, we often run into situations where some attributes of a user is updated in Active Directory however the changes don’t reflect in SharePoint Sites even after doing Profile Import. Lets take an example of a user “Susan Burk” who gets married and her last name changes to Johnson so her…


How to delete orphan configuration objects from SharePoint farm

The information in this blog is intended for orphan configuration objects and NOT orphan SharePoint Sites in the Content / Configuration Database. If you are looking for clearing the Orphan SharePoint Sites, check http://blogs.technet.com/b/corybu/archive/2007/05/31/sharepoint-orphans-explained.aspx Note: Please be VERY careful when executing the deleteconfigurationobject command, if this command is not used in the correct way (if…


Approve failed for the Distribution Group

I came across a scenario where we were using SharePoint Directory Management Service (just SMTP/POP3 email infrastructure, no Exchange Server yet) to create distribution groups and we wanted to create a new SharePoint Group with E-Mail Distribution List and it fails with “Approve failed for the distribution group” error message. You see an error similar…