Awesomesauce … Surface Pro 3 Update

Microsoft has just released a firmware update for the Surface Pro 3.  This has me very excited about the opportunities that are now made available to the users and administrators of these devices.  I wanted to share a couple new features here ...


Alternate System Boot Order

You can now configure an Alternate System Boot Order.  The previous behavior of the Alternate Boot Order still required the [Power] + [Volume Down] button sequence to boot from USB, or from PXE.  However, now you can establish an alternate boot order, and the [Power]  + [Volume Down] sequence is no longer required.


Advanced Device Security

Enabling and Disabling ports and devices can now be toggled from within the BIOS.  So if your corporate and/or facility requirements dictate, or if your tinfoil hat starts to tingle, you can now control your devices from within the BIOS.  I believe this feature could also be leveraged when having a discussion about family online safety as well.

Device manger with everything [Enabled]

Device manger with Front and Rear Camera, On Board Audio, and Bluetooth [Disabled]

These are great enhancements to the Surface Pro 3 that I trust many folks will be happy with. So grab the latest update for the Surface Pro 3, and don't forget to set an Administrator Password.



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