2080 is the typical amount of work hours in a year.  For me, I've seen 21 of them thus far.  However, being in IT, not one of them is typical, nor were they just 2080 hours either.  Hello everyone, my name is Ty McPherson and I'm a Platforms PFE at Microsoft.  While there is a general guideline of products and services that I am charted to support, I find myself dabbling in a little bit of everything.  It's mostly dictated by the latest problem or perceived gap in the current infrastructure.  From Active Directory, Group Policy, and DNS, to UE-V, Hyper-V, and Surfaces … and just about everything in between.

  Over the next year, and beyond, I would like to share scenarios and delve deeper into some issues that I and the team run across.  Some hope to be head scratchers, and can help others, while others will just have some comedic value.  From "Do I really need a CSV network for my Hyper-V cluster? What's it for ... ?" to "The TPM scripts aren't running during the task sequence, how old IS that BIOS Firmware"

  I work with some great folks, and we all have a tremendous passion for what we do.  The puzzle solving, and creative troubleshooting make for some great stories that we thought we would start to share.

  Feel free to comment on postings as we all have pretty tough skins, and enjoy a good banter every now and again.

  In the meantime ...

  If you haven't signed up yet to give Windows 10 a try I highly suggest it.  As well, provide your feedback both positive and negative.






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