“Rocket surgery, a 6 and a half year old bios, and x64 BIT operating systems.”

These are just but a sampling of very interesting things you run into while in the field!  Hello all, my name is Jesse Esquivel and I’m a platforms PFE at Microsoft, specializing in…well a lot of different things; PKI, identity and access management, security, Windows Server, Windows client, and some perf tuning to name just a few.  I’ve been working in the Department of Defense (DoD) and federal spaces for over 13 years in the field.  During this time I’ve seen a lot of interesting things..."things that make you go hmmm.”  ; )  I’ve also had the distinct pleasure of working with a lot of awesome folks.  Here on this tiny fragment of cyber space my esteemed colleagues and I (just a squad of PFEs) will flow electrons on various topics and products that we’ve seen and think may be useful for sharing, specifically tailored to life in the public sector.  Who knows you may even see a special guest appearance from our fearless account manager “Turbo.”  More to follow from the other guys as well...

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