Help! My Director is consuming all my resources!

Author: DJ Ball, Senior Escalation Engineer, Skype for Business Recently I worked on a couple of cases where the administrators were reporting higher than average CPU consumption on their Director pool servers. They reported seeing sustained 80 to 90% CPU consumption during peak business hours. This was most noticeable around the top of each hour….


Understanding the relationships between UCMA Trusted Application objects

Author: Zack Campbell, Service Engineer, Microsoft Skype for Business Online Services I was recently engaged by the owner of multiple high-visibility and business-critical UCMA Trusted Applications, requesting my assistance to replace the Trusted App Computers associated to a large list of Endpoints. I didn’t know the full backstory, but apparently their servers were VMs, hosted…


The Skype for Business Software Defined Networking (SDN) Interface

Author: Steve Schiemann   Contents: 1.) SDN Definition and Short History 2.) Considerations Before Deploying 3.) Versions 4.) Architecture 5.) Installation/Configuration 6.) Command-line/PowerShell options 7.) Performance 8.) Troubleshooting and Data Collection 9.) Other Resources 10.) Conclusion SDN Definition and Short History   What is Software Defined Networking? At a high level, SDN uses open protocols…


New Updates Available!

Hi Everyone, The NextHop team wanted to alert everyone to some new updates. See details below, enjoy! We are truly happy to announce that Skype for Business iOS 6.2.5 is now released and is waiting for you: Also released is the Skype for Business Server 2015 CU2 – Thanks everyone!