Cloud Connector Edition Auto Update

Starting with Skype for Business Cloud Connector (Cloud Connector) 1.4.1, we introduced an automated update process: Cloud Connector automatically updates based on the update schedule that administrators have configured for their Cloud Connector Hybrid PSTN Sites. Auto update handles both Cloud Connector Edition updates, and Windows operating system updates for all Cloud Connector virtual machines…


When a recording is published using Lync or Skype for Business 2015/2016, the quality seems sub-par, deteriorated or jerky

Author: Steve Schiemann   You record a meeting, so the content can be published internally for later use. After the recording has been completed, a pop-up dialog Box appears from Skype for Business Recording Manager. You chose appropriate options and then select Publish. When reviewing the published video, you realize that the video quality is…


The LCSLog SQL Database is not logging any archiving content

Author: Sri Todi, Microsoft Support Escalation Engineer   When the ExchangeArchivingPolicy (commandlet: Get-csUser)  is set to UNINITIALIZED, Skype for Business Server 2015 is designed to first connect to Exchange to verify, if the mailbox has an in-place (or Litigation) hold. If a In-Place (or litigation hold) is active, archiving is done in Exchange, else Archiving is performed on Skype…


List CLS Scenario information in Html

When I am trying to troubleshoot a situation in Skype or Lync with the Centralized Logging Service (CLS), one of the biggest challenges is knowing which scenario to use.  I found that it was cumbersome to search with the Cmdlets every time I needed to gather logs for something new.  Sometimes I would need to…


Create Custom CLS Logging Scenarios with Ease

I am continually needing to create custom scenarios for logging components in CLS Logging (Centralized Logging Service).  Typically, this is because either the “Canned” Scenarios don’t have the combination of components that I need, or they don’t have the Flags or Levels that I need.   So, I put together a script so that I can…


Collect CLS Logging for Lync Server 2013 and Skype for Business 2015 in PowerShell

Here I am again with another Script.  This time I have tried to simplify the log collection with via PowerShell.  It allows you to leverage the power of CLS logging without having to install the Debugging Tools for either Lync or Skype for Business.  Also, it simplifies the complex Cmdlet by only requiring 3 switches. …


Update to Meeting Invites

Please visit the TechCommunity to learn more about these exciting new updates to Meeting Invites! Thanks!


Meeting Migration Service and training now available!

Please visit the Microsoft Tech Community to learn more about the new Meeting Migration Service (MMS). “Meeting Migration Service automatically sends meeting updates to all meeting invitees when an admin moves the user who is hosting the meeting from on-premises to online or when those users are enabled for Cloud PSTN Conferencing. The new service…