Script to Delete Galcontacts.db for Multiple Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2 and Lync 2010 Users

When a Communicator 2007 R2 or Lync 2010 client is unable to synchronize address book files, manually deleting the Galcontacts.db and Galcontacts.idx helps resolve the problem. However, manually deleting the files is not a scalable solution for an organization that has more than 25 users. This article describes a script that can help you automatically…


Support for Microsoft Lync 2010 and Communicator 2007

If you need the latest support information on Lync 2010, bookmark this page: Support for Microsoft Lync 2010 and Communicator 2007. Here you will find latest resources and support solutions for Microsoft Lync 2010, Microsoft Server Lync 2010, Communicator 2007 R2, Communicator 2007, Communicator 2005, Office Communications Server 2007 R2, Office Communications Server 2007, Live…


Troubleshooting Lync Mobile Device Sign-in

Questions about signing in to Lync 2010 on a mobile device? Check out the Office 365 Technical Blog and see this late breaking update: Update: Lync Mobile Device Sign-in and Troubleshooting. Author: Patrick Kelley Publication date: December 19, 2011 Product version: Microsoft Lync 2010 Lync Server Resources Lync Server 2010 Documentation Library DrRez blog NextHop blog…


Deploying the Survivable Branch Appliance in Lync Server 2010 for Cisco Integrated Services Router/Service Ready Engine White Paper

The Deploying the Survivable Branch Appliance in Lync Server 2010 for Cisco Integrated Services Router/Service Ready Engine white paper is now available from the Microsoft Download Center. This white paper describes how to use a Cisco 3925 ISR G2 configured with a SRE-900 Service Module (Cisco Service Ready Engine Virtualization (SRE-V) support platform) to be…


Group Chat 2010 Support for SQL 2008 R2

Today we are pleased to announce support for SQL Server 2008 R2 for Group Chat 2010 Server databases. Author: Terry Adams Publication date: 12/09/11 Product version: Group Chat Server 2010 Keywords: Group Chat 2010 supportability; SQL 2008 R2 The Lync Server product team has completed testing of Group Chat Server 2010 and SQL Server 2008…


Creating Your Own GUI Application

Creating Your Own GUI Application (Création de Votre Propre Application GUI)     This might come as a shock to many of you, but there was a time – a time long, long ago – when people didn’t have cell phones. What could that even mean not to have cell phones? Well, for one thing,…


Useful Tips for Testing Your Lync Server 2010 Edge Server

Deploying Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Edge Server can be a daunting task. Installing the software is straightforward, but getting every functional element of all the ancillary components configured properly is a challenge. Before the deployment is fully functional you need to solve issues such as firewalls, network capacities, reverse proxy, DNS, routes, certificates, and so forth….


Got Telephony Skills? Add Lync to Your Résumé. Learn, Share, Win Prizes.

Voice and Data networking professionals can add a valuable new Microsoft Lync skillset to their résumé and help their companies on the journey to unified communications by participating in The Ultimate Voice Career Promotion. Learn, share win; by participating you’ll be eligible to win prizes that include $150 Best Buy vouchers and a $5,000 Kinect…


The Lync Server Deleteomatic

Have Fun and Delete Things, Too: The All-New Lync Server Deleteomatic     Between the Lync Server Management Shell, the Lync Server Control Panel, and all the assorted Lync Server Resource Kit tools you’re probably thinking, “You know, I already have all the Lync Server management tools I could ever need.” But guess what? If…


Assigning Telephone Numbers to Lync Enterprise Voice Users

To provide the best user experience and prepare for future growth, it is important to use the correct numbering format when assigning phone numbers to users. This article describes how to effectively assign phone numbers to Lync Server 2010 Enterprise Voice users. Author: Thomas Binder and Doug Lawty Publication date: November 30, 2011 Product version:…