Demo Scripts for Using Remote Windows PowerShell to Manage Office 365 Now Available

A set of sample scripts that enable users to explore the use of remote Windows PowerShell as a tool for managing Office 365 in general, and Lync Online in particular, are now available on the Microsoft Download Center.

Author: Barry Castle, Sr. Product Marketing Manager 

Reviewer: Greg Stemp, Sr. Content Developer

Product: Lync Online, Office 365

These sample scripts walk users through common Office 365 and Lync Online management scenarios, including such tasks as listing all of your Office 365 users; adding domains to your allowed and blocked domains list; and assigning conferencing policies to your Lync-enabled users. The sample scripts use an easy-to-follow menuing system, which means no prior knowledge of Windows PowerShell is required: the scripts will even make the connection and logon to Office 365 for you.

Download the scripts here:

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