Announcing the release of the Lync Pre-call Diagnostic Tool for Windows 8

The Lync PreCall Diagnostic Tool (PCD) is a client-based application that allows you to see how the current state of your network might impact the audio quality in an upcoming Enterprise Voice call. The PCD tool was originally released for Office Communications Server 2007. This is a new version of the tool designed specifically for Windows 8.

PCD is most useful in situations where the last hop of a network is likely to be the weakest (for example, with laptops on a public WiFi network or home users). PCD creates a small packet stream that traverses this final leg of the network. The tool then analyzes the packet stream to estimate how the jitter and loss along this leg might impact call quality, and then provides a report. You can run PCD continuously on the client, even while calls are being placed. The packet stream does not have a significant effect on bandwidth.

You can download the Windows 8 version of the tool from here:

More information about the Windows 8 version of the tool is also available in the TechNet Library here:


Previous Version

If you want to use a previous version of the PCD, see the following:

The TechNet Library topics for the earlier version of the tool is here:





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