Lync Online: Lync Mobile 2013 Troubleshooting

The Microsoft Support team recently released the following Knowledge Base articles with solutions to four Lync Mobile 2013 issues.

Author: Darrin Hanson, Microsoft Technical Readiness Engineer

Editor: Susan S. Bradley

Publication date: April 16, 2013

Product version: Lync Mobile 2013

The Microsoft Support team released the following Knowledge base articles with solutions to these issues:

KB 2806012: Users can't sign in to Lync Online by using Lync Mobile 2013

Issue: When you try to sign in to Microsoft Lync Mobile 2013, you may receive one of the following error messages:Can’t sign in. Please check your account information and try again.

  • Can’t connect to the server right now. Please try again.
  • The server name or sign-in address is incorrect. Please check them and retry.

KB 2806016: Lync Online users can't join online meetings from Lync Mobile 2013

Issue: When users on Microsoft Lync Mobile 2013 try to join an online meeting, they may experience the following issues:

The meeting can't be found.

  • Users are joined to the meeting but are immediately dropped or disconnected.
  • The meeting is not listed in the meetings page of Lync Mobile 2013. Or, the meeting isn't an online meeting.
  • Users can join the meeting and see the participant roster but can't connect to audio or video.

KB 2806017: Audio or video connections are of poor quality or fail completely in Lync Mobile 2013

Issue: Users who are logged in to Lync Mobile 2013 may experience issues when they try to make VoIP or video calls over Wi-Fi or mobile data connections. Tapping Retry repeatedly does not resolve the problem, and the connection attempt is unsuccessful.

KB 2806019: Conversations and calls made on Lync Mobile devices are not synced with the user’s Exchange mailbox

Issue: Conversations and calls on Lync Mobile devices are not synchronized with the user's Microsoft Exchange mailbox. Therefore, these conversations and calls don’t appear in the Outlook conversation history folder or on the Conversations tab in Lync 2013. Additionally, conversations on other clients and devices are not displayed on the Conversations tab in the Lync Mobile client.

Darrin Hanson has been a Microsoft Technical Readiness Engineer for Lync Online in Office 365 for three years, with a total of seven years supporting Office Communications Server, Lync, and Lync Online. He spends much of his time creating robust solution assets for Lync Online, but also enhancing diagnostic and troubleshooting tools to help identify and resolve issues quicker. 

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  1. josie says:

    On HP Elitebook and couldn’t log onto Lync 2013 meetings. Finally determined that Lync was, in some way, trying to use both the wired and wifi connections. So, when I’m wired, I disable the wifi connection, and when I’m wireless I disable the wired connection.
    Now I can join Lync meetings, with my headset as audio and microphone, just like before. Hope this helps someone.

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