Introducing the Lync 2013 Rollout and Adoption Success Kit (RASK)

Technology adoption is the deep utilization and habitual use of a product or technology by end-users. Developing and implementing an effective end-user rollout strategy, in tandem with your technical deployment efforts, is key to driving both immediate and sustained adoption of Lync, and can result in faster ROI, improved productivity, and increased user satisfaction. The Lync Rollout and Adoption Success Kit (RASK) provides an easy-to-follow, end-to-end framework for rolling out Lync 2013 within an organization. Inclusive of checklists, best practices, and key resources, Lync 2013 RASK offers guidance and resources to help achieve maximum results with your Lync rollout.

Author: Debbie Arbeeny, Microsoft Program Manager

Editor: Susan S. Bradley

Published: 4/19/13

Product version: Lync 2013

We are excited to announce the release of the Lync 2013 Rollout and Adoption Success Kit (RASK). RASK is a comprehensive guide based on a flexible, repeatable methodology and can be used for initial Lync rollouts, as new workloads are being deployed, or between version upgrades.

RASK represents the next evolution of deployment and adoption focused methodologies & resources previously put forth in several disparate kits, including the Lync Adoption & Training Kit and the Pilot Success Kit . RASK can be easily modified to accommodate both small and large organizations or adjusted, based on an organization’s current deployment status.

What’s included in RASK?

RASK is designed around an end-to-end product lifecycle, from initial project planning through sustained operations. It is organized into an easy-to-follow “5x5” approach, with five phases and five focus areas.

The five core phases—Project Scope, Proof of Concept, Pilot, Enterprise Rollout, and Run State—map to a typical product lifecycle. Within each phase are five underlying focus areas: Planning, Help Desk, Awareness, Training, and Operations, which outline related actions.

Users will find guided focus-area discussions, best practices, common challenges/mitigations, and getting started checklists. In addition, valuable reference materials and downloadable resources are included, such as a customizable project plan, Lync deployment readiness report, success metrics, email samples, survey templates, and much more.

Why focus on end-user adoption?

Change management can be the biggest obstacle when rolling out a new technology. Ensuring a positive end user experience is one of the most crucial success factors driving optimized ROI and customer satisfaction with Lync. The degree of change and impact to an end-user is often overlooked, resulting in poor product reception, limited Lync adoption, and increased escalations. Thoughtful communications, effective awareness generation, and end-user training can drive deep utilization and habitual use of Lync. It can also help organizations translate their business goals into an actionable and results-driven solution. The most successful customers incorporate readiness and end-user adoption components across the Lync deployment lifecycle.

Who should use Lync RASK?

Those on the project team accountable for rolling out Lync will find value in RASK. Team members typically include:

  • Project Managers/IT Pros responsible for scoping and managing the overall rollout project, starting with the Proof of Concept and Pilot phases.
  • Marketing Managers responsible for designing and executing a full-fledged awareness campaign.
  • Training Managers responsible for developing and delivering training strategy.
  • Support Managers responsible for ensuring their support agents and processes are in place and ready for end-user consumption.
  • Operations Managers responsible for ongoing maintenance and management of Lync.

Where to access Lync RASK?

You can get Lync RASK here: Lync 2013 Rollout and Adoption Success Kit.

How to get started with Lync RASK and your adoption planning?

Attend our complimentary Developing an Effective Rollout and Adoption Strategy course.

While the technical deployment of Lync is a critical step toward achieving your goals and ROI, it is not the only step. Without deep user adoption, Lync can quickly become just another desktop icon. Lync RASK is designed to offer guidance and resources to help you drive fast and sustained adoption and achieve maximum results with your Lync rollout. Leverage the Lync 2013 Rollout and Adoption Success Kit to get started with your rollout and adoption planning today.

About the Author

Debbie Arbeeny is a Program Manager on the Adoption, Readiness & Transition Team. She has 12 years’ experience working with customers focused on driving organizational readiness, effective change management and successful user adoption of Microsoft UC solutions, including Live Meeting, Office communications Server, Lync Server, and soon Skype.

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