Lync 2010 Best Practices Analyzer Rules Updated

Today the Lync Team is excited to announce an update to the Lync Server 2010 Best Practices Analyzer rules.

Lync Server 2010 Best Practices Analyzer rules have been updated. The following are among the new rules that have been added:

  • A rule to check for latest Cumulative Updates being installed.
  • A rule to detect RTC Database version.
  • A rule to check NTLM SSP setting on Windows Server 2008 R2 machines is set correctly.
  • A rule to check Mediation Server IP configuration.

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Comments (4)
  1. Petri X says:

    Congratulation ! 😀

  2. soder says:

    Rather offtopic question here: are you guys going to resurrect the Lync Powershell blog around Lync2013 GA, or it has been finally laid to rest already?

  3. soder says:

    OK, I got the reply, nobody cares, as usual.

  4. Sorry Soder, I missed your comment. There are no plans at present to continue the Lync PowerShell blog. We are planning to move the content to NextHop.    Thanks…

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