Introducing the Lync Pilot Success Kit

The key to a successful Lync rollout and on-going user-adoption is a well planned and executed pilot. The importance of the pilot phase cannot be overlooked. The Lync Pilot Success Kit is a collection of tools, documentation, and templates that helps project teams plan, deploy, monitor, and evaluate the success of their pilot. The Lync Pilot Success Kit assists with project planning, staffing needs and expectations, user communications, defining success criteria, and proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, and support.

Author: Nick Smith, Microsoft Senior Program Manager and Laurie Pottmeyer, Microsoft Program Manager

Publication date: October 22, 2012

Product version: Lync Server 2010

We are excited to announce the release of the Lync Pilot Success Kit (PSK).

Experience with organizations deploying Lync has shown significant higher user-satisfaction when a successful pilot has been run. In order to know if an organization is prepared for a broad roll-out, success criteria must be defined, measured and evaluated. The PSK will help organizations to not only do this, but will provide the tools, documentation and templates to help plan and complete the pilot. All resources were created to be customized by organizations based on workloads deployed and organizational culture.

Who should use the Kit?

The kit should be used by project teams deploying Lync who are focused on the end-user experience. The Project Manager will rely on the following groups and individuals throughout the pilot:

  • Project Manager
  • IT Department Representative
  • Help Desk Representative
  • Training Representative
  • Marketing Communications Team
  • Operations Manager
  • Executive Sponsor
  • Web Team
  • Executive Stakeholders
  • User Representative

These roles are further described in the Pilot Team Role Definitions document.

How to use the kit

The PSK is designed to complement the Lync Adoption and Training Kit and focus specifically on the pilot phase. Download the kit and begin by consuming the documents in the ‘Pilot Planning’ folder to familiarize with the sample project plan, roles and responsibilities, and checklists. These actions in these documents will lead you to consuming the remaining kit material in the ‘Communications and Readiness’ and ‘Operations’ folders. This content is designed to give you guides and templates to be used during each phase of the pilot.

The kit is organized by three types of content:

  • Planning
  • Operations
  • Communications and Readiness

The pilot success kit is intended to be a set of templates that will be modified to meet each organizations requirements and timelines. The Lync PSK is continually being updated and additional resources added to the kit. The team is eager for your feedback concerning all documents, tools, and gaps. Feedback should be sent to

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    I've been attempting to install the Lync Pilot Custom Intranet Site in a site collection our SharePoint 2010 environment.  I keep getting stuck at SharePoint erroring that feature "{b3da33d0-5e51-4694-99ce-705a3ac80dc5}" needs to be enabled.  All of my research points to the ExcelServerEdit feature, however this feature appears to be part of Office Web App.  OWA isn't listed as a requirement to install the template and I can't seem to find any help since this template is pretty new.  Can anybody point my feet in the correct direction?  Is OWA really required to enable ExcelServerEdit?  I see many other required features listed in the template's ONet.xml file that I think may also cause problems.

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