TechEd Europe 2012: Lync Sessions

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Author: NextHop

Publication date: June 29, 2012

TechEd Europe 2012 was held in Amsterdam June 26–29, 2012 and was sold out. If you were unable to attend the event, here is a breakdown of the Lync sessions that were presented at TechEd Europe 2012.

Best Practices in Securing Your Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Edge Servers EXL411

Rui Maximo

Lync Edge Server provides federation and remote user access. As an entry point to the corporate network, it's important for administrators to understand these threat vectors and how to defend against them. Come learn the intricate details of how security works in the interaction between the Lync client and the Edge Server. Tips and tools are provided.

Forget about IT - How about Lync Inside Business Applications?! EXL312

Albert Kooiman

Consumerization of IT has brought an irreversible shift of power from IT to the Business where IT is no longer king. Come learn about the 5 ways Lync can supercharge and automate business processes! Demos, real-world examples, iPads and Slates, case studies... we've got it all. Bring your stories too!

Lync 2010: Planning Voice Deployments EXL410

Mahendra Sekaran

The communications industry is undergoing a transformation from proprietary hardware-based communications systems to a more flexible software-based solution as provided by Microsoft. During this transformation, customers who have existing investments in infrastructure will need to ensure that these systems work well with Microsoft Lync 2010. In this session we show the different scenarios in which Microsoft Lync 2010 can co-exist with IM and Presence systems, PBXs and leading video infrastructure depending on the customer’s requirements.

Lync 2010: Planning Voice Features EXL319

Jamie Stark

Survey of Microsoft Lync voice features and planning. Voice features associated with policy management capability. Integration of phones and devices. Enterprise use cases and scenarios for advanced call management. Planning for deployment networking implications.

Lync Deep Dive: Dial Plans and Voice Management Deep Dive EXL313

Korneel Bullens

Voice routing with Lync Server 2010. Numbering plan and an approach to voice routing design. Best practices for voice routing with Lync Server 2010.

Lync Deep Dive: Edge Media Connectivity with ICE EXL412

Thomas Binder

This session provides in-depth information on how we establish media connectivity using ICE, STUN, and TURN. We discuss how clients and server find and allocate IP addresses locally and on the Edge Server to find the optimal media path. We discuss the theory as well as look into logs to see this magic happen. We also discuss why this knowledge is very important when troubleshooting connectivity problems.

Microsoft Lync 2010: Availability, Resiliency & Recovery EXL314

Paul Brombley

High availability and disaster recovery mean different things to different people. The reality is that failures come in many shapes and forms. Learn about the features in Lync to address failures and how they can be used to achieve your SLA. Planning beforehand and knowing the options you have are key to success. It is too late when a failure hits to find your solution doesn't behave the way you planned.

Lync Server Notes from the Field: Options for Deployment EXL308

Ilse Van Criekinge

In this session we share best practices when investigating your deployment options for Microsoft Lync 2010. Learn the questions you should answer to decide if you should go online, on premises, or go for rich coexistence. In addition, get an overview of what additional components require configuration when deploying Lync, like firewall settings, reverse proxy requirements, certificate needs, how to handle load balancing, NAT, and more.

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