Got Telephony Skills? Add Lync to Your Résumé. Learn, Share, Win Prizes.

Voice and Data networking professionals can add a valuable new Microsoft Lync skillset to their résumé and help their companies on the journey to unified communications by participating in The Ultimate Voice Career Promotion. Learn, share win; by participating you’ll be eligible to win prizes that include $150 Best Buy vouchers and a $5,000 Kinect entertainment system (prizes US only, Dec 2011 through June 2012).

Author: Matthew Woodget

Publication date: December 5, 2011

Product version: Microsoft Lync Server 2010

As a Voice or Data Networking professional responsible for telephony you may have heard the buzz about Lync and wondered how to build the knowledge you need to assess and introduce it at your company. Recently Lync turned One, here’s an article about the first year. We’ve created a set of easy to access resources (videos available to get started here) to help you ramp fast. But instead of leaving it at that, we want to encourage you to share what you’ve learned with others through The Ultimate Voice Career Promotion.

Through The Ultimate Voice Career Promotion, you can add a valuable new skillset to your resume and increase the productivity of your entire office. At the same time, you’ll be eligible to win prizes that include $150 Best Buy vouchers and a $5,000 Kinect entertainment system!

There are lots of ways to earn points to be eligible to win:

  • Bite Sized Training Videos—Watch Lync training videos on-demand.
  • Deeper Learning—Attend monthly web clinics.
  • Blog—Post a blog review about Lync.
  • Your Lync Story—Post a video about your experience with Lync.
  • Twitter—Tweet about your Lync experience.

There are also lots of ways to win. Use your points to unlock chances to win prizes every month. Your points won’t expire until the end of June 2012. Also, any month you earn points results in an entry for that period’s grand prize – a pretty sweet Home Entertainment System make over and learning vouchers for even deeper training.

The Ultimate Voice Career Promotion sweepstakes launched November 23rd and the first 500 people to participate and earn points will receive a cool (pun intended) insulated lunch tote—so get started now.

How is this different?

We already have some awesome, comprehensive, deep, multi day training. The resources I’m sharing with you today are as easy and quick to jump into as watching a mere five minute long video and as deep as hour long monthly clinics you can join online at times convenient to you. Sign up to learn, share and win at The Ultimate Voice Career Promotion.

Why did we do this?

Enterprises around the world are adopting Lync’s telephony capabilities with millions of people already relying on Lync instead of a traditional IP PBX phone, and a staggering 250% growth rate in Lync’s first year in market. Lync changes how telephony is delivered in enterprises, but it doesn’t change the need for your skills and knowledge.

Next, improved access to Microsoft Lync telephony knowledge

Respecting the journey is critical and giving you a low friction, easy access way to learn how to transfer your skills into a software powered enterprise voice component of a Unified Communications system was required. The reality is that you as a voice professional bring with you an enormous amount of experience and the skill set required to make Enterprise Voice work, be it TDM, IP or Software based. If "IT apps folks" were to pick up the responsibility they'd have to build those skills, but you already have them. Of course, we know the future of productivity requires Unified Communications and not siloed, disconnected systems. And because the telephony workload is a vital component of UC we knew it was important to address this topic and help those with the experience and skills make the leap to Lync.

What about job security?

As it happens the role of the voice person arguably isn't any more at risk than any of us in technology, let alone with the current economy. In fact, as telephony skills are transferable into the software based telephony system components of Lync it gives voice professionals who learn it an opportunity to have a more beefy resume than those who don’t. We wanted to make sure you had the resources to be the best and have the most robust résumé. And the best bit? The efficiencies of software powered communications will free some of your bandwidth up to focus on value added initiatives within your organization; be they cost savings, enabling remote teams, or providing your company with a competitive edge in a decade that will be marked by the need for business to focus on growth.


If you manage a TDP or IP PBX today and either your company is deploying Lync or you want to be ahead of the curve for when they do this is a great set of resources for you. Either way you now have an improved path to learn about Lync’s telephony capabilities and more. Start with some low friction, low time commitment videos, and then participate in monthly web clinics. Share your knowledge to beef up your online reputation and further enhance your résumé and if you are in the US get ready to win big!

Additional Information

So what are you waiting for? Go to The Ultimate Voice Career Promotionand start learning, sharing and winning. Make sure you check out the T&Cs, whilst many of the resources are available ‘cross geography’ online the sweepstakes component is for United States residents only at this time. Follow the action on Twitter: #lync #lyncsweeps.


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Comments (3)
  1. Keith says:

    What about us poor folk outside the states.  Can we need access "the ultimate Voice Career Promotion"???  Even if we don't win prizes….

  2. Tom Laciano says:

    Keith, in the summary it notes this implying it is open to all except the prizes:

    Share your knowledge to beef up your online reputation and further enhance your résumé and if you are in the US get ready to win big!

  3. Keith – sorry I only just saw your comment. You can access the videos, the monthly clinics. Just unfortunately not the prizes. The way promotions like this work with the laws of the land(s) is they have to be run on a country by country level. Tailored to that countries laws. This is being run out of the US team as that’s where we identified the need for these resources. But we've heard you loud and clear! In fact I'm presenting tomorrow to my colleagues in countries around the world to encourage them to adopt it (I’ll share your feedback). I mention this to show how we work to provide specific support at a granular level to our customers rather than applying a one-size-fits all across all countries (out of Redmond :-)) as I know from your perspective we are “just Microsoft” plain and simple. I hope that helps.

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