Microsoft Unified Communications User Group London: An Introduction to Lync

On July 28, 2011, Adam Jacobs  will kick off the first meeting of the Microsoft Unified Communications User Group London (MUCUG). The event will introduce Microsoft Lync Server 2010 and describe the high level differences between Lync Server 2010 and Office Communications Server. Justin Morris will lead the second session with a talk about the resilience capability available in Lync Server, demonstrating how the Microsoft UC stack could replace an enterprise PBX. In the final session, Tom Arbuthnot will give an industry update, including notable new resources, announcements, and futures. See MUCUGL: July 2011 – An Introduction to Lync for event details and to register for MUCUG.

Authors: Adam Jacobs and John Lamb

Publication date: June 2011

Product version: Lync Server 2010

The Microsoft Unified Communications User Group London (MUCUGL) was formed by UC Pros that are passionate and focused about communications technology.

The goals of the MUCUG:

  • To bring together like-minded professionals to share experiences and best practices.
  • To create awareness and buzz around UC throughout the IT Community.
  • To welcome those that are new to Unified Communications technology. Prior experience is not required. We recognize that UC is about the convergence of business processes with new collaboration technologies (it’s not all about tech!).

Meetings will be held in central London and will take place quarterly. 

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