Backing Up and Restoring Lync Server 2010

This document describes a methodology for backing up and restoring the data that is required for full recovery of Microsoft Lync Server 2010 services. It includes the procedures for backing up data and recovering from the following levels of failure: Standard Edition Server, Central Management Server, Enterprise Edition Back End Server, a server that is a member of any Lync Server pool, a Lync Server pool, a File Store, an Archiving Server or a Monitoring Server with a collocated database, and a stand-alone Archiving database or Monitoring database.

This white paper was published in May 2011. Visit Backing Up and Restoring Lync Server 2010 to download the white paper.

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  1. Petri X says:

    I see that backup/restore guide use quite much about ResourceKit tools. Some years ago there has been guide from MS that resource Kit tools are great tools for test purposes, but if anything goes wrong, you are pretty much alone (with Google). Has there been some changes in this policy?

    Also, is there a reason to use export and import tools so much, and not e.g. SQL's own restore tools for the databases? I see it is a bit more simple to schedule and monitor online agent to take backups from the system instead of scheduling Powershell cmdlets.

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