Not Like the Others: Challenge 16: Hint

Last Monday we told you two things about this week’s Lync Server PowerShell challenge: 1) this week’s challenge was going to be a little more challenging than most; and, 2) for once we actually had an answer in mind for the challenge. What is that answer? Well, we can’t tell you that, at least not yet; that would sort spoil the surprise, wouldn’t? However, we can give you a hint:


As it turns out, it’s not just politics that are all local.


Hey, come on: we said we’d give you a hint; we didn’t say we’d give you a good hint. (Although, believe it or not, the answer is right there, if you know what you’re looking for.)


Although, then again, if you knew what you were looking for you really wouldn’t need a hint, would you? We’ll have to think about that ….



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